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Artist Statement

I have always appreciated the interesting contrast and tension between the natural and man-made worlds.   It is why I love living in Vancouver.  It has both pristine landscapes and urban grit that in my eyes beautifully coexist. 

I enjoy walking the back lanes of the city where I can spot dahlia filled gardens scattered with rusty metalwork and corroded outbuildings.  I gaze at the sparkling blue inlets dotted with hulking, multi-coloured container ships as they wait for their call to port.  Iam inspired by driftwood covered beaches against the backdrop of seawall graffiti transformed by the elements into glorious mosaics. 

I often take photos during my walks and use them later as my muse.  I will think about how the scene or place made me feel, what the weather was like and how the light affected colours and textures.   All of this gets transferred onto the canvas as I begin my process of putting down layers. 

I use a variety of tools to create unusual markings and textures including spatulas, sponges, torn cardboard, twigs and stencils.   I use a combination of quick hand strokes and patient blending to create movement and depth.  I always paint alone as it is a solo journey for me, but I must have a background of music that is wide and varied depending on my mood.    I also prefer painting on cloudy days where the filtered light matches the sentiment of my creations.

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